Showtime’s “Ray Donovan” Sending Shots To Starzz’ “Power” With Their Campaign For The Upcoming Season

Television shows are becoming real competitive lately. First Fiddy started a war with Fox’s “Empire” because he felt they intruded on his show’s lane. Check their marketing campaign leading into current season. The slogan was “Empires Are Built On Power”.

Apparently Showtime wants to get in on the fun and sends a possible subliminal to Fiddy and Starzz’ show, “Power”, with their ad. Do you think it’s a coincidence their marketing campaign’s slogan is “Hire Power”? Could be a play on words “Hire (Higher) Power”, but I don’t know. Could be if you want to hire a show you should hire power and “Ray Donovan” is that power. Or maybe I’m just bugging.

Regardless, “Power” and “Ray Donovan” are lit! One starts tomorrow and the other is halfway through their second season. Make time for both!

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