The NBA Draft Class of 2000 The Worst Ever? BR Thinks So . . .

There are good drafts, there are bad drafts and then there’s the 2000 NBA draft class.

The returns were, charitably speaking, ugly. To wit:

  • The 2000 haul combined for just three All-Star appearances, all of which came in 2004, when Michael Redd, Kenyon Martin and Jamaal Magloire represented the Eastern Conference—ahead of first-year phenom LeBron James, no less. By contrast, between 1980 and 2010, only one other class has thus far logged single-digit All-Star selections (the 2010 class, with five).
  • Of the 58 players selected that year, only 15 went on to spend at least a decade in the Association.
  • The 2000 class featured just one All-NBA performer, Redd.
  • From the opening of the preps-to-pros pipeline in 1995 to its closing in 2005, no draft was less productive, statistically speaking, than the one from 2000

Want to know more? Got the drop at Bleacher Report . . .

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