Drake, Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., and Rakim’s Lyrics to Appear on Sprite Cans

Well this is cool. Sprite just launched limited-edition soda cans decorated with rap lyrics by Drake, Nas, The Notorious B.I.G. and Rakim. The soda cans are apart of the inaugural ”Obey Your Verse” Lyrical Collection. There are 16 can designs and the special collection will run through summer. Lyrics will appear on individual cans and 20-ounce bottles plus multipacks. “Legacy means everything to me. When I wrote these lyrics, I never imagined my fans would someday have the opportunity to enjoy a can of Sprite and experience my art in a totally original way,” said Nas in a press release.

How are the artists picked? MCs are selected ”based on their reputation for being true to themselves through their music and advancing the culture.”  Some of the featured songs include Drake’s “0 to 100,” “Started From The Bottom” and “Over,” Nas’ “If I Ruled the World” and “My Generation,” Rakim’s “Follow the Leader” and “Paid in fool” and Biggie’s “One More Chance. ”

Want to see all of the lyrics? Got the drop at XXL . . .

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