#FreeTheNipples Goes Viral

To the girl who asked, “when was the last time seeing a mans (sic) nipple gave you lady wood? Was it NEVER?” and all those of the belief that it’s ok for men to expose their nipples because they’re, like, totally not sexy, whereas women’s are. Wrong again! Up until the mid 30s, it was illegal for men to flash their nips in public, because society deemed them too risqué, and, ultimately, too sexy for their shirt. However, in 1936, all this changed. Fighting for their right to #freethenipple, a group of topless guys from Coney Island got themselves arrested when they took to the beach one sunny afternoon. However, justice prevailed, and, from that moment on, men were given the legal right to get their tits out for the lads, all over the world. Gentlemen, your nipples have enjoyed freedom since the 30s; why not let women’s enjoy theirs?

Want to know more? Got the drop at Vice . . .

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