Elon Musk Predicts It Will Be Illegal For Humans To Drive Soon

Tesla CEO and storied entrepreneur Elon Musk, thinks that it’ll be illegal for humans to drive in the future. Musk has been quoted saying that human drivers are “too dangerous,” and that autonomous cars will be infiltrating streets in no time, comparing the advent of autonomous cars taking over the streets to modern elevators replacing elevators that once needed an operator. He adds that “we’ll take autonomous cars for granted in a short period of time. It’s going to be the default thing and it’s going to save a lot of lives.” Musk believes that it will take less than 20 years for the world to adopt autonomous cars as the norm of transportation, taking place of conventional cars for self-drivers. This outlook comes as no surprise, as Tesla just announced that it will be rolling out autopilot driving for its Model S cars. But autonomous automobiles is also quickly becoming a reality, with Mercedes-Benz having just unveiled its F 015 autonomous car at CES. However, Musk’s polarizing statements have angered some who believe drivers should have a choice, prompting Musk to take to Twitter and saying “to be clear, Tesla is strongly in favor of people being allowed to drive their cars and always will be. Hopefully, that is obvious.”

Got the drop at Hypebeasts . . .

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