Jon Stewart Brings Some Truth And Comedy To The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

If you’ve been watching any political news channels recently, then you’re most likely familiar with probably the most ridiculous biggest story to hit the media cycle this week. Former Secretary of State and 2016 Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton landed herself in hot water this week as news broke of her using her personal email address to send messages during her time served in the Presidential Cabinet. Such activity being a direct violation to a federal law, political news sources have been all over the issue, with MSNBC, FOX News, and CNN assembling panels to analyze what this means for Washington, Clinton’s presidential chances, and the state of our union as a whole.

Enter Jon Stewart, whose commentary might be the best (and most accurate) analysis we’ve seen of the “The Hillary Emails.” The clip originally aired on Wednesday night’s episode of The Daily Show, with Stewart hilariously poking fun at the hysterics of it all. Check out his thoughts on Clinton’s “TBD” opponent and his awesome use of the word “griftasauruses” below.

Got the drop at Stashed . . .

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