George Zimmerman Involved In Another Shooting

George Zimmerman was involved in a shooting with another man, and Zimmerman’s lawyer tells TMZ … his client and the other guy may not be strangers.

The shooting went down Monday afternoon on a road in Lake Mary, FL … where Zimmerman lives. Police tell us they got a call for a road rage incident. News footage from the scene shows a bullet hole in the front passenger side window of Zimmerman’s truck.

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Lil Twist Facing 25 Years For An Assault Case

Justin Bieber’s old running buddy Lil Twist is staring at several felonies and a warrant for his arrest. The Young Money rapper is being charged for the November attack against former That’s So Raven star Kyle Massey and his brother Chris, according to TMZ. As the story goes, Twist and friends were hanging out in Kyle’s apartment in November before the group was kicked out. Reportedly, Twist and four others left but later came back and beat Chris Massey with brass knuckles then pantsed him, stole his wallet and cell phone.

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Madonna Yanked Off The Stage By Her Neck

Madonna was horse collared and yanked off a riser onto a stage feet below … all at the hands of a backup dancer.

The singer was performing Wednesday night at the Brit Awards in London, wearing an Armani cape with her back to the audience. The plan was for the backup dancer to dramatically pull the cape off of her as she revealed a sparkly outfit.

But before the pull Madonna was supposed to untie the cape strap around her neck. It was tied too tight and before it could be undone the backup dancer did his thing, pulling Madonna backwards neck first onto the stage.

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