New York Yankees x Supreme Collaboration

The Yankee symbol is a badge of honor, a fellowship that transcends state lines. Sporting the proverbial pinstripes commands respect from fellow New Yorkers no matter where one is. The same can be said for Supreme within the culture of streetwear. It’s a brand that takes pride in representing the Empire State in all of its grime and glamor. So when Supreme teased a Yankee collaboration earlier this year, New Yorkers and ‘Preme-heads alike salivated with anticipation. Well let the drooling continue. Today we unveil the full collection between the two iconic brands, in partnership with ’47 Brand. From red leather stadium jackets and lime green jerseys to skate decks and bucket hats, this collection makes as much sense as any other collaboration from Supreme. Each piece will be available March 12 in its NY, LA and London locations as well as online, while its store in Japan will begin retailing on March 14. To learn more about ’47 Brand, check out a video of their brand story here.

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