Transcript to Jay-Z’s NYU Appearance

What’s the most difficult part about balancing being an artist yourself, staying true to your artistry, and also being a producer that needs to stay conscious about record sales? JAY Z: When you’re in the studio, you’re just making music from your heart. For me, I’ve always been that way. I was an artist, I was executive producer on my first album so, I’ve always had to manage both. I couldn’t get a record deal. It wasn’t by choice — I couldn’t get a record deal, so I had to figure it out. We started by selling records out of the trunks of our cars. We went to some stores in Brooklyn and some other places and then we spread from there. I guess the short answer is: When you’re in the studio you’re an artist, and when you’re outside of that you’ve got to figure out how to get your music heard.

Will Tidal offer a student discount for subscriptions like Spotify does in the near future? JAY Z: Oh. Okay, well I’m going to let Vania answer that one. SCHLOGEL: Yes. When we look at the data, the data says that students don’t really care about paying for streaming. I actually don’t believe that, necessarily — I think that this demographic here, sitting in the room, cares very deeply about music. I think in fact that a lot of you have a deeper emotional connection with music than any data says. And so the short answer for that is, absolutely yes, because we want you all to be Team Tidal and to be a part of this.

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