Ice T Revoices Scooby Doo, Dora, and G.I. Joe on Jimmy Fallon

Check out this hilarious video of Ice-T’s classic voice overs for some cartoons that you may not have known was the voice of the OG

Ice T and Jimmy Fallon have been close friends for a while. At least industry-wise, Fallon probably would’ve considered himself pretty learned on Ice’s resume and was more than prepared to go through it like clockwork.

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Eddie Murphy Venturing Into Reggae

Eddie Murphy knows reggae. In 2013, the actor, comedy icon and erstwhile R&B singer threw many for a loop when he unveiled “Red Light,” a stellar reggae track featuring Snoop Dogg, as his first new musical offering in 20 years. But unlike Snoop, whose calculated Jamaican reincarnation met an inevitable backlash, Eddie has received a largely positive response from his seemingly organic foray into the genre.

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