Eddie Murphy Was Supposed To Play Bill Cosby On SNL 40th Anniversary

At SNL40 on Sunday, we were all treated to a delightful Celebrity Jeopardy sketch.

In it, Keenan Thompson played Bill Cosby for a Video Daily Double. Unbeknownst to us, that was originally going to be Eddie Murphy. On Twitter, Norm Macdonald just told a behind-the-scenes tale of why that wasn’t to be.

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Eddie Murphy Venturing Into Reggae

Eddie Murphy knows reggae. In 2013, the actor, comedy icon and erstwhile R&B singer threw many for a loop when he unveiled “Red Light,” a stellar reggae track featuring Snoop Dogg, as his first new musical offering in 20 years. But unlike Snoop, whose calculated Jamaican reincarnation met an inevitable backlash, Eddie has received a largely positive response from his seemingly organic foray into the genre.

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Eddie Murphy Returns To Saturday Night Live!


Eddie Murphy became a comedy legend during his early Eighties run on Saturday Night Live. But he hasn’t graced the show’s iconic stage since hosting an episode on December 15th, 1984 – months after leaving the series during Season Nine – with bad blood souring the relationship over the years. Now Murphy is making his long-awaited return for the series’ three-hour 40th anniversary . . .

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