Arianna Grande’s Dad Checks Big Sean

After writing, “I give her that D… #Detroit” on April 14, fans immediately speculated the pic was intended for girlfriend Ariana Grande and that “D” didn’t actually stand for Detroit (if you catch our drift). Needless to say, the rumors caught the attention of the pop diva’s father, Edward Butera.

Commenting on the image, Butera pulled a total dad move and wrote, “that D. better be Detroit Sean.”

The rapper has yet to respond to the comment, but we have no doubt that he’s planning his next move VERY carefully. It’s never a good idea to piss off pops!

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Princeton students to petition Big Sean’s performance

Princeton University students are petitioning to have rapper Big Sean dropped as the main act of an upcoming concert paid for by the school’s student government.

Students Duncan Hosie and Rebecca Basaldua told The Daily Princetonian, the university’s student newspaper, that they researched Big Sean’s lyrics after hearing him repeat a misogynistic phrase in a promotional video for the May 3 spring Lawnparties show.

The students then created the petition, which alleges Big Sean’s songs promote misogyny and “rape culture.” The petition has more than 500 signatures, Hosie told The Princetonian, and asks the school’s Undergraduate Student Government to rescind its offer to the Grammy-nominated rapper.

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